Compile Your C code into Verilog

C-to-Verilog is a free and open sourced on-line C to Verilog compiler. You can copy-and-paste your existing C code and our on-line compiler will synthesize it into optimized verilog.
For additional information on how to use our website to create FPGA designs, watch the screencast below.

Website screencast

About our service

C-to-Verilog provides a free on-line service which allows users to compile their existing C code into optimized Verilog code. This code can be synthesized into an FPGA or ASIC. is the result of an academic study in the field of high-level synthesis at Haifa University by Nadav Rotem. Our tools enable the development of embedded system-on-chip and integrate with design tools such as Xilinx EDK. We provide this service to demonstrate our technology. The implementation of the synthesis system is described in the research page.